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Breathing clean, pure air in your home is easier than you think.


90% of the air we breathe is while indoors


Indoor air pollutants are on the epa top 5 health risks 


our systems are used in hotels, hospitals…and now your home

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Clean home air is a health concern

It’s alarming to think about, but the air we breathe becomes more of a health risk every day. Our belief that everyone deserves healthier indoor air lead us to the world’s most powerful air purification technology. We didn’t stop at HEPA standards for capturing pollutants. We wanted higher ones, revolutionizing the air quality in homes, offices, hospitals and hotels around the globe. And we continue to believe in a healthier future, with every breath we take.

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Captures more than 99.99% of particles at 0.007 micron size – four times better capacity than a HEPA.

Our Product Line Up

HW Super-V

HealthWay’s point of entry, whole-house air cleaner using DFS technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free air throughout the entire home.

HW Deluxe

The HealthWay Deluxe is the ultimate in air purification systems for cleaning airborne particles, microorganisms and gases for a healthier environment.

HW 10600-9

The HealthWay 10600-9 is designed for home or small office use.The simple, stylish design complements any bedroom or small living space decor.

the air we breathe becomes more of a health risk every day.

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